Holistic Springs is a Non-Profit 501c3 organization committed to serving individuals who have experienced significant loss of a parent, child or other relationships. It is our desire to create a courageous world where women and girls are living with wholeness and authenticity, as they mother, nurture, and love themselves, and make choices from the truth of who they are.


Our mission is to enhance the ability of women and girls to embrace their authentic self through self-discovery, experiential learning tools, skills, information, and services.

Our mission is to help the largest number of grieving individuals in the shortest time possible.


Holistic Springs, Inc., 501c3 non-profit organization, provides coaching and teaching that support women and girls in discovering and honoring the truth of who they are, such that they are living with the fulfillment of heartfelt dreams and desires.

Our approach is holistic and includes the integration of spiritual laws and principle, and an action oriented program, The Grief Recovery Method, which address emotional pain related to any type of loss.

Be part of the best kept secret in personal development.