Diana Curtis is a Spiritual Life Coach whose holistic approach to coaching offers life-enhancing experiences for her clients. Diana’s vision is to support the client in creating a courageous and magical life where they discover, embrace, and live as their authentic selves.

Diana discovered her passion for coaching, speaking, and group facilitation while doing her own personal development and growth work. After 37 years of managerial service with the Department of Health and Human Services, CDC, the nation’s leading health organization, she asked herself, “how can I continue my work in the health field in a non-traditional but powerful way?” Her path led her to the Inner Visions Institute for Spiritual and Personal Development where she experienced two years of intensive healing and personal development. In 2017, after the completion of another year of intensive experiential training and demonstrated proficiency and application, Diana received her spiritual life coaching certification.

Diana’s leadership and coaching skills continues to be strengthened as she serves and partners with other non-profits and government agencies.

Founder of her own spiritual life coaching practices, Holistic Springs, Inc., and Coaching to the Heart, LLC, she offers speaking, group facilitation, retreats, workshops, learning circles, and one-on-one coaching to support clients.

Diana is passionate about supporting motherless daughters who have or are experiencing the loss of their mother. She lives to support women and girls to mother, nurture and have a loving relationship with themselves.